Medicines and Uncertainty

By: A.C.

When I write for the blog I try very hard to keep a balance and just state facts about what affects our readers and AAD members in their daily lives. In all fairness I remain apolitical and try to just point out unfairness and difficulty.… Read More

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Aberdeen Action on Disability Social Activities Group

By: A.W

At AAD, we know how lonely it can be coping with a disability at home on a tight budget. So we are delighted to have recently received funding from the People’s Health Lottery to start up a new social group for people with disabilities in the Aberdeen area.Read More

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Accessible Transport Funding

By: A.C.

A recent press release by the UK Government which was posted on our Facebook Page and titled “New partnership with Muscular Dystrophy UK to improve journeys for disabled road users” raised quite a few questions.

Simply put, would any of this money actually be coming to Scotland?Read More

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Appeal 2018

By: A.C.

The past year has seen our charity working on a very tight budget, which some people might also describe as a “wing and a prayer”. 

We are still functioning – albeit on a shoestring budget –  thanks to some small but much needed grants, donations and time given by our volunteers.Read More

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Gift Giving

By: A.C.

Marketing people are incredibly good at what they do, which is convincing the public that they need something they never thought they needed.  I of course refer to the extremely commercial bonanzas that have been imported into this country from America.Read More

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