By: A,C.

It would seem that the DWP has a private revolving door reserved for Tory Politicians. Esther McVey has gone, and is replaced by the former Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

Difficult to get a handle on her, but a quick glance at the Website They Work For You which collates and tracks the voting record of MP’s, her voting record on Welfare issues is concerning. Read More

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The Purple Pound

By: A.C

Today, the 13th November 2018 is Purple Tuesday. The deafening silence and the odd Aberdeen voice shouting the “fit the oatcake is ‘at” should maybe tell you that for a” National” Day of Access to Shops for the disabled, it has not exactly set the heather on fire.Read More

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Levene and Luton

By: A.C

This article at the BBC ( 2/11/2018)  raises uncomfortable questions that able –bodied and disabled people alike will have problems answering.

The article is about Justin Levene, a paraplegic traveller who uses a specialised self –propelling wheelchair with bespoke fitting and cushion to prevent sores which can appear quickly.… Read More

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Sandwich Boards

By: A.C.

Edinburgh are finally doing something about the prolific amount of A Frame, or Sandwich advertising Boards that sit on pavements and obstruct the footway.

Aberdeen had for decades a bye–law under the old Aberdeen Corporation Bye laws which dated from the dim and distant past and forbade shopkeepers putting ‘sandwich’ or A frame boards on the pavement outside their shops.… Read More

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Hate Crime, Resources and Instigators

By: A.C.

A high –ranking woman who happens to be Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police Sara Thornton is reported as saying” that while “treating misogyny as a hate crime is a concern for some well-organised campaigning organisations”, forces “do not have the resources to do everything”.… Read More

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