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Guest Post: Podiatry and Diabetic Foot Screening

By. Aberdeen City Podiatry Clinic

Diabetes is a lifelong condition which can cause foot problems. Some of these problems can occur because the nerves and blood vessels supplying your feet aredamaged. This can affect:

  • feeling in your feet (called ‘peripheral neuropathy’)
  • circulation in your feet (called ‘peripheral vascular disease’ or Ischaemia’).
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Blue Badge Scam

By: A.C.

I recently became aware of a scam that affects Blue Badge applicants in Aberdeen.

It is a very simple, cynical and convincing scam that involves paying £49 for what is a £20 Blue Badge– if one qualifies in the first place.Read More

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Insurance for Disabled Drivers

By: A.C.

Like many teenagers, when I was young I was bursting to get my own wheels.  

I started with a Heinkel three wheel bubble car, which was sold fairly quickly to a bubble–car enthusiast. Then I moved to motor bikes, and then motor cars as the necessity for carrying my wife and children took precedence.Read More

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Home or Cinema – Autism Friendly Screenings

By: A.C.

I am sure that many of our readers, have a lot their technology worked out to give them the best experience for watching movies or their favourite TV series.  Some may have Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Now TV,  Netflix as wi-fi “ sticks” or stream them to their TV.Read More

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PIP Criteria and Descriptors

Editor’s Note: We are often asked what exactly the criteria for various benefits are before people start the application process. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the descriptors of peoples’ abilities as used in the assessment. As well as bearing this information in mind when applying it is also a good idea to gather supporting medical evidence.Read More

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