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Disability and the Outdoors

By: G.F.

I am disabled and have to use elbow crutches and a mobility scooter to get around. When in my youth (and able bodied) I used to love going on economical holidays with my parents where we often stayed in youth hostels all over Scotland.Read More

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Rambling and Funds

By: A.C.

I saw a BBC News report about the Disabled Ramblers Association demanding better access to the countryside by changing the gates for access and so on.

With all the confusion, fear and reports about people being stripped of their PIP/DLA or even having their Higher Rate Mobility component affected, I was rather curious to say the least about what appears on the surface, to be a report about a group of disabled people on very expensive all –terrain machines, which can vary in price, quality of build, and whether new or used, from £500 to £10,000.Read More

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Are Mobility Scooters Road Legal?

By: G.F.

Have you ever wondered why only some scooters have DVLA (Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority) tax discs displayed or if they legally have to be insured? I have a medical condition that severely restricts my mobility and so last year my father and I looked into buying a mobility scooter to help me get around.Read More

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