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Universal Credit

By: A.C.

Our Facebook Page has featured articles from national media about Universal Credit,  or the  “pausing” of Universal Credit as Esther McVey and her colleagues change the benefits landscape, timetable and application process on a daily basis

This situation makes it hard for us to keep up with these changes and announcements and keep track in order to help our clients.… Read More

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Neighbourhood Alert System

By: A.C.

The following text originates from the Crime Reduction Unit of North –East Scotland Police Division of Police Scotland.

“Police Scotland’s North East Division covers rural and urban areas in Moray, Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City.

Within the Division the community policing teams are supported by dedicated Crime Reduction Officers who assist them in their work to promote crime reduction and progress prevention opportunities which we see as key to reducing crime and antisocial behaviour in your area.

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Assessment Changes

By: A.C.

Those who follow our Facebook News Feed will have noticed the usual Gov.UK logo announcing  Changes for Assessment (Work Capability Assessment) .

This announcement, which took effect on 29 September, is not exactly being trumpeted by the Government. Maybe because the changes relate to previously highly publicised and dogmatic decisions by the assessors on people who have chronic, lifetime diseases and other conditions who are incapable of work, yet were assessed as fit to work by these companies.Read More

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New Scottish Welfare System- Where We Are And How To Get Involved.

By now you are probably aware that a certain amount of new powers over some benefits are being devolved to the Scottish Government. 

Our contributor A.C. recently wrote to the Scottish Government about the new powers. He brought to their attention the book Cash Not Care which we have previously reviewed on this site and asked for a run-down of exactly how far preparations for the new systems have come along.Read More

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61 Year Old Amputee Declared “Fit For Work”

By: G.E.

According to a story I came across a 61 year old amputee has been told he must look for work despite being unable to leave the house.

After 3 unsuccessful attempts to remove a blood clot, in December and January doctors told him his leg had to be amputated above the knee as it was “dying”.Read More

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