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Profile: Sophie De OIiveira Barata

By: A.C.

Did anyone see the The One Show on 8 April 2016 on the subject on jewel–encrusted, techno-robot, and realistic looking prosthetics? 

This item featured the work of Sophie De OIiveira Barata a prosthetic limb designer. 

Sophie writes that:

“Polyanna Hope was just 2 years old when she lost her leg in a tragic accident and had been going to Sophie for a new realistic limb each year but had started to make requests for something fun and different.

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Melanie Reid and Identity

By: A.C.

I read this BBC article yesterday, which is a short profile of the Times Columnist Melanie Reid. A trained Journalist for 30 years, she started writing about her spinal injury in The Times under the heading Spinal Column. Melanie fell from her horse, and that initially caused what is termed Asia A Tetraplegia, a diagnosis of total severance of the spinal cord.Read More

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Profile: Martyn Ashton

By: A.C.

Martyn Ashton was a Former British and World Champion, Mountain and Trials Bike rider, Team manager and stunt cyclist. He hails from Margam, near Port Talbot in Wales, and although this fearless bike rider compressed a vertebra in 1993, thus effectively ‘breaking’ his back, he soon returned to riding.Read More

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Profile: The Last Leg

By: A.C.

Last year during the Paralympics, Channel 4 started a live daily post-Olympics show called The Last Leg. Hosted by prosthetic leg wearing Australian Adam Hills, assisted by Alex Brooker, who also has a disability of his own, and non–disabled sidekick comedian Josh Widdicombe, the programme aimed to take the awkwardness out of questions that others were afraid to ask for fear of being insensitive.Read More

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