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Gift Giving

By: A.C.

Marketing people are incredibly good at what they do, which is convincing the public that they need something they never thought they needed.  I of course refer to the extremely commercial bonanzas that have been imported into this country from America.Read More

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Off-topic reviews 2017

<Editor’s Note: Aberdeen has a great range of Accessible cinemas. We’re sharing these reviews in the hope that by encouraging people to take advantage of these accessible screenings, the cinemas will expand the service even further. Check back often to see what our reviewers thought of the latest releases.>


Film Review;  Their Finest

I went to see  Their Finest on what is probably the very last day of public screening in Aberdeen. Read More

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The Nights are fair drawin in

By: A.C.

It is a phrase that for some reason is derided by comedians and those who appear to have a secret snide chuckle at it. 

“aye, the nights are fair drawin in”.

Why the so–called intelligentsia or pseuds in the entertainment industry mock this simple Scots phrase is lost on me, unless of course the pseuds loathe and detest Scottish speech & culture, and like to mock couthy sayings that are indeed self–evident.Read More

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Hallowe’en and Wheelchairs

By: A.C.

Halloween has been and gone, and Guy Fawkes Night is imminent. I was reminded of the mistaken cultural crossovers by my married daughter when she insisted that “Guisin” was really all about Penny for the Guy. With some patience I tried to correct the conflation of Samhain and a Scots word which has connections to the ancient Celtic or religious festivals, but none whatsoever to a plot to blow up Parliament in a religious act of terror.Read More

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Mountain Rescue

By: A.C.

I was made aware of the following story recently, which in many ways deserves a lot more recognition of the effort, compassion, and humanity shown by the Braemar Mountain rescue Team.

This quote has been edited for privacy.

“I have an uncle, now resident in Crathie, who, during the war flew Spitfires and other aircraft.

Read More
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