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Medicines and Uncertainty

By: A.C.

When I write for the blog I try very hard to keep a balance and just state facts about what affects our readers and AAD members in their daily lives. In all fairness I remain apolitical and try to just point out unfairness and difficulty.… Read More

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Hate Crime, Resources and Instigators

By: A.C.

A high –ranking woman who happens to be Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police Sara Thornton is reported as saying” that while “treating misogyny as a hate crime is a concern for some well-organised campaigning organisations”, forces “do not have the resources to do everything”.… Read More

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Blue Badge Refusal

By: A.C.

I am going to be a bit contrary as regards the BBC story about the amputee who was refused a Blue Badge in Cornwall. (AAD Facebook and BBC News) .

The man in question has Diabetes, and firstly lost his toes then his leg below the knee.  Read More

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Disability, the Establishment and the Press

By: A,C,

The reporting of the this story at The Guardian is about a senior civil servant Andrew McDonald who developed Parkinson’s, and then subsequently got cancer. In the period that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s he became a volunteer chairman at Scope, the charity for the disabled.… Read More

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Jazz Hands

By: A.C.

It was reported this week that Manchester University National Union of Students decided  through democratic means to swap applause, clapping shouting approval for the silent  BSL sign of approval “Jazz Hands”, at all of their Student Union Meetings. This code of conduct does not affect the usual ear –splitting rock band, shows or comedy gigs to their Union.… Read More

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